Created by tdillo 1 year, 2 months ago
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kr5dit/procrasti/Freek666 has mentioned that one of their goals for Kr5ddit is to look good on mobile. Well I accessed the FreeK666 site last night on my Android Phone and it looks fantastic. Perhaps port the style of FreeK666 to Kr5ddit and solve multiple problems?

    A. Nice look on Mobile
    B. Nice familiar look & feel similar to K5. Site doesn't look like ass.
    C. Attractive site encourages users to join the community leading to more utilization of the Exchange.


Would also like to mention that the Preview box at FreeK666 is much better IMHO than the dynamic preview on Kr5ddit. Instead of things jumping around as one types.

Of course I'm just a regular not anyone special so I'm wondering what the community thinks? Would Kr5ddit.com be more useful if it had this Scoop skin?

freek666 wrote;

That's basically the plan. (#109)

The problem is that everything takes time...

Current priority are these DDOS attacks.

Cool! Glad to know you are thinking about it! You know, it's just a pony request
Learned my lesson, won't be making demands on you unless it is accompanied by bitcoin. But yes I honestly believe the K5 inteface at FreekK666 is superior to what we have here. Especially the preview.. Very nice, very professional looking.
I still think the DDOS problems are somehow a result of your challenge to the slashdot community that kr5ddit could not be gamed. But again, that's just me.

"I want a pony" is a slang phrase, meaning a request for something difficult and/or impossible to implement. I use it here to indicate something that would be nice to have but I'm not going to bawl or throw a hissy if it doesn't happen.

Freek666 with Scoop style skin
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Created by OrionBlastar 1 year, 2 months ago
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Kr6ddit was just the prototype, it can't scale but it was brilliantly done.

FreeK666 is the free open source version that should replace it. Procasti has his proof of concept here that he should be able to show to others to get VC funding for or at least a Crowdfunding website.

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Created by kr5dit 1 year, 2 months ago
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I still think the DDOS problems are somehow a result of your challenge to the slashdot community that kr5ddit could not be gamed.

Maybe... but I don't consider these attacks to be gaming the kr5ddit system. They are simply technical attacks on our infrastructure. However, on the internet there is virtually an infinite number of attackers, so any weak points will always eventually be exploited. The sooner we can identify these weaknesses, the quicker we can rectify them, and so, the sooner we are attacked, the better off we are (assuming they can be fixed).

I hope that I have identified these weaknesses and corrected them now... certainly there were a number of ports that shouldn't have been open (rpc.bind, rpc.statd...)... but only time will tell if they were the source of our vulnerabilities or not.

So, some short term pain hopefully will bring about long term strength... we should, in a sense, thank these attackers.

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Created by CoyoteBrown 1 year, 2 months ago
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I guess we should thank ISIS, and Al Quaeda and North Korea as well. What's a tower or two when it makes our country Great again huh?

I'm going tomorrow and hand out Thank You cards to all the rapists, murders and child molesters locked up in the State Pen down the road. They were just making our community a better place to live.

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Created by kr5dit 1 year, 2 months ago
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Perspective though.

I used to work support for an app server company in the early noughties, where a down website was a big deal... costing people thousands to millions an hour... but far away from the ears of our customers and even our own bosses, some members of my little group had a very wise and ancient saying:

  • "It's just a fucking website."

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Created by CoyoteBrown 1 year, 2 months ago
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The LOGIC still applies. If we should Thank the DDOS'ers for revealing the website vulnerabilities then we should thank burglars for revealing the vulns of our home security and by extension we should thank every one who chooses to do us harm. Hell you should be thanking ME!. But we don't you know why? Because it's a stupid idea. Whether or not it is 'just a website' or just a home, or Just a Bank, or Just a Country, we don't thank those who do us harm. Whether or not it reveals weaknesses or vulnerabilities. You might as well thank your rapist because he revealed that you were inattentive to your surroundings. After all, it's JUST you Asshole. Not like it's anything important right?

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