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no fake news today

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what about tomorrow? fake is the new not-too-bad news?

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All our News belong to The Onion now
Make your Time!

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Sad news and unverified. 1st black muslin judge's body found in Hudson river.

"Sheila Abdus-Salaam was the first black woman appointed to the New York Court of Appeals and the first female Muslim judge in the US — a groundbreaking career that was cut short when she was found dead Wednesday in the Hudson River, likely the result of a suicide. "

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Facebook has a notifier now that indicates possible fake news. I think it will blow up in their face tho bcuz the people that it would help do not believe their news is fake. they believe it 100%. so instead they will consider facebook is now in bed with the liberal left media or the alt-right conservatives, (depending on POV, many leftists are as bad as many of the right just the right is more likely to get up in your grill with it)

Bad News

Both Momma's and My email inboxes have gotten a surge of phising mail and damned if it ain't very realistic looking. Ms Maddow and Mr O'Donnel both claim that we are actually At War but it's being waged online. Read where Russia purchased a copy of the Yahoo! database that got hacked recently. Also one of the Debian devs got arrested. Did y'all know that?

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